PAGThe island of Pag and the city with the same name as famous for its unique lace, tasty lamb, cheese of Pag salt or i s the zagonetnoj kamenitoj surface nalik Mjesečevoj. City of Pag is rich in cultural and historical monuments, unique culture and beautiful beaches.

Located between the Velebit Channel and Kvarneric, between the island of Rab, Oliba i a u neposrednoj Sources close to the shore. An area of ​​nearly 300 km. square is one of the larger islands in the Adriatic.

The specificity of Pag are numerous freshwater springs and numerous springs and the sea. Water on the island comes under the seabed with velebetskih slopes.

Residents of the island are mostly engaged in viticulture, olive growing, fruit, fishing, sheeping, agriculture and salt production. Well known is that the old Solana Pag Pag how much i.

41194495Important to emphasize the uniqueness of Pag lace, the trademark and special recognition of the island of Pag. Once a medieval, today is a tourist and administrative center of the island, Pag is proud of its many attractions and the famous bay of Pag, which extends even to 23 km in length.

Pag has several Sandy, sandy and rocky beaches.

During the winter carnival, Summer Carnival and during the season, there is a rich cultural and entertainment program. The island offers and exceptional cuisine. Kuhinja otoka Paga, as a distinctive part of Mediterranean cuisine will give you a true gastronomic delight. On the menu of our restaurant stand out in particular first-class sheep cheese and lamb. A glass of wine with these delicacies, will make you full pleasure.

zdjecie,pelne,76773,miasto-pag-na-wyspie-pagStaying in Pag should not be limited just to stroll along the waterfront and go out in the numerous restaurants and coffee bars, and enjoy the beaches and the sun, but there is a unique and untouched nature and the sea, which provides a number of interesting moments, as well as engaging in various kinds of sports:

Bicycling - Island of Pag offers its guests over 100 km. long cycling routes. Many cycling enthusiasts will delight the beauty and diversity of the island landscape.

Excursions - Thanks to its position near the most beautiful Croatian national parks, islands are organized numerous trips to national parks and the neighboring islands and the: Plitvice Lakes, NP Krka, NP Kornati, those on the islands of Rab prelijepe, Losinj and Susak.

Diving – If you're a fan of the deep do not leave sightseeing amphora with sunken Roman merchant ship from I. century located in the Velebit Channel, nedaleko ferry port Zigljen, at a depth of about 30 m. Divers and underwater interesting Caska, because in certain parts, u bruise, I spotted some submerged town.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mountaineering – Hikers and mountain climbing will enjoy if you are operating on top of St.. Life. I can enjoy climbing the steep part of St. Vitus and the rocks above the beach on the north side of the handle Pag bay. Gorostas i div Planina – Velebit from Pag looks especially tempting and you might want to go there. You do not have to forget that the Velebit among the most beautiful mountains of the world. Velebit simply must discover. A ow you're not in the mood for such a large pothvat, We recommend that you only make a little walk the island and you will surely enjoy the beautiful views.

S sports water sports on the beach – If you are looking for active holidays, Pag offers different options - Jet Ski, Skijanje water, wind surfing, volleyball, tennis courts along the beach ...…